geo color nine brown review

Beschreibung/ Description: 
Brand: GEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38% - 42%
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.4 - 8.6

Duration: 1 year disposable

Ich stelle euch meine neuen Circle Lenses geo-color-nine-brown vor, die ich von eyecandys zugeschickt bekommen habe. Der Onlineshop verkauft originale Circle Lenses, Kosmetik Produkte und Accessoires. Der Versand dauerte 2-3 Wochen, was inordnung ist, da die Linsen aus Asien kommen. Nun zu den Circle Lenses. Sie sehen absolut natürlich aus! Ich habe viele Komplimente bekommen und im Sonnenlicht haben sie einen leichten Grünstich. Andererseits kann ich die Linsen für nur ein paar Stunden tragen (3-4 Std), weil  meine Augen dadurch trocken werden. Aber wenn ihr Augentropfen benutzt, könnt ihr sie länger tragen. :)

I wanna present my new Circle Lenses geo-color-nine-brown that I got from eyecandys to you. The online shop sells original Circle Lenses, cosmetic products and accessories. The shipping time was 2-3 weeks which I find okay, because they are shipped from Asia. Now let's talk about the lenses themselves. They look very naturally!I received many compliments and they have a sting of green. But on the other Hand I can wear them only for a couple of hours (3-4h), because my eyes tend to dry out pretty fast. But using eye drops you can wear them for a longer time period. :)


  1. Hello from Spain, great proposal

  2. Looking cute !


  3. I would love to try colored lenses. My eyes are already brown so I would go for green :-)

  4. looks great! I wish I could wear lenses, but I'm way too afraid to touch my eyes. Makes eye drops a hassle, haha!


  5. omg i'm so scared of those things ! haha
    i can't put those in my eyes...nevertheless they look very good on you !


  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! These contacts are such a cool idea! I think I'd be scared to try them though :)

  7. Your eyes looks amazing in those lenses!
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  8. You are so beautiful ^^
    Thank you for stopping by my blog
    In love with you blog. what about follow each other? :)


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  13. Thank you for stopping by! These lenses look wonderful on you, so naturally but still bold enough to enhance your features. I've followed you, looking forward to your future posts <3

  14. i use geo lens before but it was quite dry
    ifairy lens have much higher water content
    but too bad currently i can't even wear contact lens
    as i have scar on my right eye due to infection

    anyway it's still a nice lens
    i've followed you , what about follow each other? :)


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