Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit (natural beige) REVIEW

Today I would like to present you a new Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream  from Cosmetic-Love. I`m so glad to got a new one because my old BBcream was empty. The shop offers many BBcreams, but also Make ups and other stuffs. Now to the BBcream:

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream : Precious Minearl BB Cream promotes silky complexion with pearl infused sheer coverage.
Containsadenosine & arbutin for anti-wrinkle & whitening efficacies.
SPF for UV protection.
[How to use]
1. Apply cream to all areas of the face.
2. Pat to finish.
For external use only.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Keep out of reach of children.
Discontinue use if signs of irritation and/or rash appear.
[Net Wt.]
60g (2.11 oz.)

I`m glad that it has SPF30 because I want to protect my face skin and I`m very sensitive with the sun. I`ve got the color natural beige and it match to my skin. The applying works good and I would describe the cream as a little bit thick, but I like it. I have a combination skin, so it means that my skin is dry in cold seasons and in warm seasons normal, but my  t-zone becomes oily. That is why the BBcream would not be enough hydrated for example the winter time. The opacity is middle but buildable. The BBcream still looks natural on my face but you can see that I have something on my face. However the BBcream brightens my face. :)
Overall I can say that the BBcream would be perfect for spring and summer. It is moisturizing yet but not enough for people who have dry skin. I think if I wear the BBcream in warm seasons, it looks definitely amazing. The shop is great and the shipping was fast (2 weeks).


  1. Wow! It really does brighten your skin a lot! Has anyone ever told you that your eyes look just like SNSDs' TaeYeon?? xoxox


    1. nobody told that to me o: but thank you for the compliment <3

  2. Thank you so much :) your support means a lot for me :) i do follow your blog also- and i see here some nice topics also ;) i will keep eye on it :)

  3. Thank you so much :) your support means a lot for me :) i do follow your blog also- and i see here some nice topics also ;) i will keep eye on it :)

  4. Lovely BB ^^ I'd also love to get my hands on one!!

    恵美より ♥

  5. That BB is amazing on you, it makes your complexion look so brighter and fresh :) thank you for dropping by on my blog, I'm now following you via GFC and I hope you'll do the same :) let's stay in touch dear! A big hug,
    Red Velvet

  6. Super great color and finish! I'm a huge fan of bb creams because they are so easy to use and have great coverage. I don't have any from etude house though!

  7. Great colour on you!! So pretty on you! Thanks for dropping by my blog!! Let me know if you would like to follow each other! xxx haemeandrobecca.blogspot.com

  8. I have the same BB cream! I love it so much ^w^

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  9. The BB cream looks good on you! I love the package of it as well :)


  10. Cute youu ♥♥ i love that review

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  11. This BB cream looks really good on your skin tone!

  12. The BB cream definitely looks great on your face. It's really brightening and natural looking.

  13. Thank you Fo visiting my blog, I must try Etude House's BB Cream, I love their CC Cream already. Thank you for the post, Im following you :) Please stop by my blog again soon ^.^

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  15. wow the bb cream looks great on you, hv you try 'etude house precious mineral bb dation'?
    it's amazing, i really recommend you to try it :*

  16. This is the one I'm using right now! It's really good for oily skin, I love it :)

    Lipstick and Mocha

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  19. Your skin already looks so smoooooth without it, but wow -- the BB cream makes you look like porcelain!