keep it simple

t-shirt-Zara/ skinny jeans-Dressvenus/ nike rushe run-Def-shop/ bracelet-Ringsandtings

Mein Outfit hielt ich heute einfach, schlicht und sportlich. Ein ganz normales weißes T.Shirt kombinierte ich mit meiner Skinny Jeans von Dressvenus, die beinahe perfekt an mir sitzt. Die Länge von der Jeans ist perfekt und sie ist super eng! Jedoch ist die mir ein bisschen zu eng geraten, aber ich werde die nochmal in eine Nummer größer bekommen. Ihr solltet einen Blick auf den Shop werfen. denn sie haben eine große Wahl an Kleidungen, Schuhe, Taschen etc. Zuletzt noch meine neuen Nike Rushe Run von Defshop ,die das Outfit nochmal aufpeppt. 

I kept my outfit simple and sporty, so I wore a simple white tee with a skinny jeans from Dressvenus which fits alsmost perfect on me. The lenght is perfect and the jeans is super tight! But the pant is a bit too tight for me. but I will get a bigger size.You should take a look on dressvenus because they have a great choice of clothing, shoes, bags etc. At last, my new Nike Rushe Run from Defshop jazz up the whole outfit. 


  1. Great look! love your bracelet ;)


  2. So beautiful :3
    very nice look!


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  4. very nice look! :)
    you're pretty :)
    Kisses from Ayuna :)

  5. Hey beauty love your new post =) Keep posting .
    Regards from Bosnia ♥

  6. Cute pink Nikes :), love your bracelet. Thanks for your visit, now i followed you and hope you follow me back.

  7. adorable! I love your shoes :)

  8. I love your watch
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  9. I love your outfit! great photos :)
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    Sarah xx

  10. I loved your jeans! But the shoes I don't know, it looks good on you but this type of sneakers I think doesn't match me very well :3

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

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  12. I've read the german part and I've understood everything ! *proud girl*
    Anyway... I really like your look. It's simple but it looks great !
    I love the eye bracelet !

  13. Love the outfit! The jeans are perfect, I love the rips and the color. The shoes are a great touch too, and man, your eye bracelet is to die for! xx


  14. Hello :)
    I really like the simplicity of this outfit and I love your watch and bracelet!
    Such a beautiful blog! ^^
    F a s h b u l o u s ✿

  15. hello dear!!
    you look AMAZING! great look! you are so pretty.
    I love your blog and your great style!!
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